Journal 12-6-16

I’m starting to get back into the swing of things, I got up this morning, made my coffee, woke up a bit more, then did some stretching and my Standing Abs Workout. Time; about 20 minutes.

I’m not going at it as hard as I did during my Isabody Challenge, 33 pounds worked/burned off in a 16 week period. But I still need to do more than I have been doing, so after a short breather I did my Push Ups/Squats Workout as follows.

Work Out

  • Push Ups lllll
  • Squats lllll
  • Decline Push Ups lllll
  • Squats lllll


Each mark stands for one set of ten for a total of 100 squats with two 12.5 lb. dumbbells,  50 regular Push Ups and 50 Decline Push Ups..

Wednesday I’m going to re-start having an Isalean Shake for Breakfast, Winter goodies turn into Winter fat far too quickly, time to nip it in the bud.

Michael Cole