Battle With The Bulge – Push-Ups

It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to lessen the bulge above your belt or build bulging biceps, your battle with the bulge begins with building lean muscle mass.

A quick aside here, lean muscle is smaller, more dense than fat tissue. Many people experience temporay weight gain when starting a fitness/weight loss program. They also lose inches, so don’t just go by the scale, pay attention to how your clothes fit.

Push ups are a great way to start building or rebuilding your lean muscle mass. You can do push ups most anywhere and don’t need any special equipment, or any equipment at all for a standard or flat push up.

The problem is you probably haven’t done any push ups for years, possibly decades!

Since you don’t want to be like Howard on The Big Bang Theory, where you can only do one half a push up, the down part, you need to build up to it. A good beginning goal would be five to ten push ups three times a week, to start.

But what if you can’t even do one push up any more? How do you start to get it back?

One step at a time, if you can’t do a standard push up, on your toes and hands, do what we used to call a girl’s push up back in High School, on your hands with your body straight to your knees.

For some people even that may be too much to start with, use it or lose it and you lost it.

You can still get it back, if you want to. You do want to, right?

Okay, Good, let’s get started.

Easy Push Up Variations

Wall Push Ups are perhaps the easiest push ups you can do as you’re only using a small percentage of your body weight. To do a wall push up stand slightly more than arms length away from a wall, lean towards the wall and place your hands about chest height, a little wider than your shoulders. Lean into the wall and touch your forehead to the wall, then push away.

Wall Push Ups work the same muscles as a standard push up, without as much strain. Once you can do ten wall push ups, it shouldn’t take too long to get there, move on to Counter Top Push Ups.

Counter Top Push Ups are as the name implies, instead of putting your hands on the floor you put them on a secure counter or table top with your feet on the floor, hands a little farther apart than your shoulders. Once you’ve mastered these you’re ready for Incline Push Ups.

For Incline Push Ups you will need a weight bench, a sturdy chair or coffee table. You should know what to do by now. Just in case you don’t, place your hands about shoulder width apart on the weight bench and with your feet fully extended perform a push up.

From here you can go on to do Standard Push Ups and then move on to more advanced push ups, if you are so inclined, that is.

This is just a start, your first step in regaining a more youthful body.

Next up Squats.

Michael Cole